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The technology behind and benefits of our volumetric concrete mixers

All of the ingredients (sand, stone, water & cement) necessary to produce the concrete are stored in separate bins and compartments on the concrete mixer unit, as opposed to being mixed at a central batch plant. Once arriving at the site, the ingredients are continuously metered and proportioned through calibrated controls volumetrically into the mixing auger, which in turn homogeneously combines the ingredients to produce concrete.

The use of volumetric proportioning and continuous mixing has been well proven and has many advantages over traditional drum type mixers and batching plants. This method allows the operator to mix any amount of fresh concrete on site, to any mix design with no waste. The mix design can also be changed instantly so producing different types of concrete from the same load. It is also excellent for deliveries that require intermittent demand. Many construction industry experts prefer volumetric concrete because it is fresh, therefore improving its workability.

Because mixing does not take place until on site, no hydration or segregation takes place in transit. This is particularly beneficial on hot days or when delivering to more distant locations.


The volumetric mixer can easily produce a number of different types of concrete including pigmented, added admixtures, fibre enhanced and foamed concrete. All these are high value concretes and are produced exceptionally well with volumetric mixers.

Volumetric concrete mixers are money saving mobile concrete plants delivering any quantity of concrete from one to ten cubic metres, right on the job site. Waste and overruns are eliminated by producing exactly what is needed at the job site, even if the customer over or under estimates the quantity needed. Unmixed materials still on the truck are not wasted - so the customer does not pay for any waste.

In addition to all the advantages above our mobile batching plants can carry up to 10m³ which is almost double the amount that some traditional drum mixers can deliver. This saves you significant time and money.

Idealy suited to speciality concretes and short loads,where as barrel/drum mixers are best suited to large continuous pours.