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Why use our mixed on-site concrete as opposed to ready-mixed concrete ?

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Concrete is a carefully dosed mixture of cement, aggregates (sand and stone), water and admixtures. The term "ready-mix concrete" refers to concrete made in industrial facilities called "ready-mix plants". Such concrete is made on demand and, if necessary, is shipped to worksites by concrete mixer trucks.These drum mixers trucks have a limited time usually 90 mins from the batch plant in which to dispense the concrete,before it starts to set in the drum.

The main problems with ready-mixed concrete delivered in drum mixers are that the vehicles are loaded with a very specific amount, and mix, which cannot be altered once the mixer leaves the ready-mix plant. This results in lack of flexibility for you.


We specifically use volumetric concrete mixers to deliver your concrete, meaning it is mixed at your site to your specification and can be altered at any point in the process.

Digital Ticket Printer

Customer will receive a digitally precise account of what's delivered - not just volume but precise cement, water, sand and aggregate quantities.

What are the key benefits of you choosing to use EZEE-CRETE ?

  • Same day or next day delivery to your site
  • From  1m³ to 10m³ of concrete or screed delivered and freshly mixed onsite. This ensures maximum work time before setting and no risk of over or under ordering
  •  360 degree swivel and 6 metre long reach auger from mixer for a fast easy job.
  • Orders and deliveries taken outside our office hours
  • Exact amounts of concrete delivered to you
  • A variety of mixes and slumps available on site
  • No hidden charges for part loads or anything else
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • No mess, no waste and never leave you short