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Ezee-crete concrete products

At Ezee-crete,we operate and control the quality of our concrete to the highest level,with routine calibration and yield testing of our machines,right through to cube testing.

All of our concretes are produced using the highest quality raw materials.we use ordinary Portland cement (CEM1)

Domestic - Trade - Commercial - Utility
Foundation Paving
Small Wall G15 Paths G15
Large Wall G20 Pavement PAV1
Shed G15/20  Driveway  PAV2
Steps G10  Steps G15
Conservatory G15  Patio G20
Garage G20/25 Kennels  G30
House/Extension (s/s) G20/25 HGV Park G40
House/Extension (d/s) G25/30 Ext Hard Standing (reinforced) G35
Workshop (Reinforced) G30/35 Ext Hard Standing (UnReinforced)  PAV1
 Drainage 8:1 Reinforced Bases
Floors / Oversites
Trench Fill GEN1 Conservatory  G20
Septic Tank G40 Garage G20
Civil Engineering Shed G20
Foam Concrete C4 Greenhouse  G20
Foam Mortar C4 House/Extension  G25
 Road Sub-base CBM3 Workshop  C30
Kerbing GEN1 Commercial Building  C35
UnReinforced Bases Floors / Oversites
Conservatory G20 Greenhouse C20
Garage G20/25 House/Extension  C30
Shed G20 Floor Screed  4:1
Livestock Inside Storage
Silage Clamps RC45 Barn Floors  RC35
Livestock Housing RC45 Equiptment Storage  RC35
Stables RC45 Grain/Feed Storage G40
External Paving PAV2 Yards  RC40