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We supply a full range of admixtures including the following:

An alternative to the traditional method of reinforcement (for crack control only), fibres are available for Concrete and Screed. Fibres reduce cracking, increase strength and provide weather proofing to the end product.

Kalmatron admixtures
Introducing the revolution in South East Asia K100.All you need! One admixture to do the job of several admixtures.



K-100 is a chemically active admixture to cement-containing mixes that increases the cementitious value and volume of cement paste.K-100 functioning as an inorganic oxidiser of micro-metal elements contained in cementitious materials to provide extension of cement gel surface by decay-hydration of cement grain from 100μm to 10μm.K-100 is a cost effective solution that provides a transformation of conventional concrete mix to High Performance concrete.K-100 makes concrete strong and durable without the need for any other admixture and/or supplement materials or future applications.


EZEE-100 falls under the classification of the following types of ASTM C 494:
Type C- cement hydration accelerator;
Type F-high range water-reducing admixture; Type S-specific performance admixture


Recommended for use in:

  • Production of high performance concrete;

  • Production of liquid impermeable concrete,including crude


  • fineness and corrosion resistant precast concrete;

  • Abrasion and salt resistant traffic able concrete;

  • Non-shrinking concrete flat works;

  • Pervious concrete;


    Appearance:Light Milky liquid; Density:~930 Kg/m3


    1.K-100 Is applicable by the volumetric ratios as (2 OZ/CF) or2litre/m3 ofconventionalconcretemix.

    2.K-100 is applicable by weight ratio 0.75 Kg per 100Kg of cement.

    Due to variations in concrete materials, applications and/or job site conditions, it is suggested that dosages outside normal usage range may be required.In such cases,Please contact EZEECRETE.Sdn.Bhd Representative.

Cost reductions.For conventional concrete mixes,K-100 will solely replace the following admixtures and supplementary materials:

Water reducers; superplasticizers; pozzalons;
slice fume;

Fly ash;
fine fillers;
Density strength gainers; Shrinkage compensators. No curing compounds

Dosage reduction of water at the rate of 10%-30% in conventional concrete mixes;
No surface preparation (remove loose materials); High cement hydration;

Yield of mixed batch is higher by 8% to 14% of cement gel; Early strengthening at3 rd and 7th day;
Compressive strength is increased by up to 25%; Shrinkage is lower by 2 to 3 times;

Exothermic heat is lower at 2 to three times;
100% water impermeability at 2 inch concrete thick layer; Strong adhesion to any porous material;
Works with concrete in ambient temperature range -4
°F to 104°F;
Increased pump ability;
Increased workability;
No shrinkage cracks;
No cracks, flakes, efflorescence and slid areas;
No bleeding;
Highest resistance to chemical and climate corrosions; Highest frees thaw resistance;
Mixing for up to % hours keeps the concrete batch received with approximately 20% slump reduction;
how ever workability the same;
No curing is required.