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For concrete imprinting companies,and imprint contractors.
Here are the benefits of using Ezee-crete to deliver your concrete for your project.
The concrete is mixed on site to your exact requirements ie; mix designs G20 to G45,
no more hot loads.
As it is fresh,it has better workability,and has proven to be stronger than mixed offsite batched concrete.That has travelled from the plant.(no more adding water to drum mixer loads at site)giving weaker concrete.
We have various additives if needed to reduce bleed water,improve setting times,delay setting times.etc.
Reinforced fibres can be added(the norm now in Europe and the US.)These improve crack control,and better waterproofing.These fibres can be steel,natural or synthetic,a proven improvement to imprinting strength.Giving your customers greater confidence in your product.
We are bringing in integral coloured concrete so the base colour of the concrete is through coloured.So you will not see unsightly grey concrete on sides or if chipped.

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